Farm books | Jun 04, 2023

31 Farm Books for Kids

A whole month's worth of the best farm books for kids!

Best farm books for kids

Have a whole month of farming fun with these children’s farm books. Some of these children’s books are about food, gardening, or farming – but all can help a young reader learn more about where their food or clothes comes from! You can search more books about farming and food by topic in our recommended publications database.

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1. Farm Boots: A joyful look at life on a farm through the seasons.

2. I Love Strawberries: Through hilarious trials, Jolie learns how hard and rewarding growing strawberries can be.

3.Tales of the Dairy Godmother: Chuck's Ice Cream Wish: Chuck gets transported to a dairy farm where he learns how his favorite food is made. 

4. Barn At Night: A beautiful story of a father and daughter as they care for farm animals. 

5. Right This Very Minute: A table to farm book that answers: Where does my food come from?

6. My Family’s Corn Farm: A look at daily life on a corn farm. 

7. My Family’s Soybean Farm: A look at daily life on a soybean farm.

8. My Grandpa My Tree and Me: A heartwarming story of a pecan orchard farming family.

9. Logan’s Greenhouse: A unique look at gardening in a greenhouse. 

10. Every Little Seed: A lyrical story about saving seeds and flowers. 

11. Apple Pie Picnic: An apple book that includes Spanish language words for vocab building. 

12. Buzzing with Questions: A biography of Charles Henry Turner. 

13. Honeybee: The life of a honeybee. 


14. Applesauce Day: A lyrical story of a family apple picking and making applesauce. 

15. How Did That Get In My Lunchbox?: Answers where did my food come from for common lunchbox foods. 

16. PB&J Hooray: How peanuts and grapes grow and are turned into sandwiches. 

17. How to Grow a Monster: A look at growing giant zuchinni. 

18.The Sun in My Tummy: An interesting way to understand how the food we eat gets energy from the sun.

19.Planting a Garden in Room 6: A group of students plant a school garden. 

20. Hatching Chicks in Room 6: A group of students hatch chicks in their classroom. 

21. Uncle John’s City Garden: A garden in the city that grows ingredients for succotash. 

22. Let’s Pop Pop Popcorn: How popcorn grows/is popped. 

23. Full of Beans: A historical look at how soybeans were used by Henry Ford to build a car. 

24. John Deere, That’s Who: A historical look at the inventor, John Deere. 

25. Seed Soil Sun: Earth's recipe for food. 

26. The Fruits We Eat: Explores how different fruits grow. 

27. The Guardian Team: A rare look at how different animals are used to guard sheep/animals. 

28. Time for Cranberries: A story of a family harvesting cranberries. 

29. Combines with Casey and Friends: A look at farming machinery. 

30. Sylvia’s Spinach: A girl tries a new food. 

31. If You Want to Knit Some Mittens: A look at where wool comes from. 


Coming soon: Potatoes for Pirate Pearl: Explores how potatoes grow and how they are harvested. 

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