Agricultural Literacy
is Knowledge

We believe everyone should have
an understanding of where
their food comes from.

our mission
Build awareness, understanding and
a positive public perception of
Agriculture through education

The Foundation has taken the steps to define "agriculturally literate." An agriculturally literate person understands the relationship between agriculture and the environment, food, fiber and energy, animals, lifestyle, the economy and technology. These are our Pillars of Ag Literacy.

Agricultural literacy can be cultivated in any person, no matter the age or experience. Helping others understand the important role agriculture plays in their everyday lives is our goal. We work towards this goal by being a credible source for agricultural literacy information. Our materials and programs are designed not only to reflect reliable information, but also to meet today’s standards of learning.

We have continued our efforts to produce outstanding educational materials, create accurate resources, and provide opportunities to tell the story. We are working toward making more of our materials free to educators and volunteers. You can help by giving a tax-deductible donation to the Foundation.

Help learners better understand where
their food comes from and who grows it

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