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White-Reinhardt Grants

The White-Reinhardt Grant Program funds projects that will increase agricultural literacy. County and state Farm Bureaus may apply for $1,000 grants for education programs for grades K-12 in order to initiate new ag literacy programs or expand existing programs. Organizations and individual schools can work with their local Farm Bureaus to apply. Grants are available on a competitive basis. All grant applications are due June 14, 2024

The White-Reinhardt Fund for Education is a special project of the Foundation in cooperation with the AFB Women’s Leadership Committee. It was established to honor two former chairs of that committee, Berta White and Linda Reinhardt, who were leaders in the national effort to improve agricultural literacy.

BEFORE you apply you must read all of the APPLICATION GUIDELINES

Funding is not available for mileage, field trips, wages and benefits, safety programs or one-time consumable products such as copying, paper, seeds or meals. The intent is to build capacity by funding items that can be used repeatedly.

You can access the Pillars of Agricultural Literacy here

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Applications have closed for the 2024-2025 School Year!

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