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For the week of September 21st, 2020  

Welcome to our At Home Learning Page! We will do our best to offer weekly ideas for at home learning about agriculture! These activities will all be free to access and share. Our weekly activities do not build on each other, but are individual and can be done in any order. 

This week we will be looking at "Who is a farmer?" The activites in this section are best for grades K-5. 

number 1

First draw a farmer.

number 2

Watch "Who is a farmer?" a Food and Farm Facts Junior Video

number 3

Next, watch one of these videos so you can "meet" a real farmer and see what their life is like!

Meet Oregon hazelnut farmer Bryan Harper

Meet Sheep Farmers from Maine

Meet Strawberry Farmers from Texas

Meet "Gray Girl" Farm owner from Washington 

number 4

Then play the game My Little Ag Me to explore careers in agriculture.

number 5

Finally, discuss together after:

  • What does your drawing look like? What did you include? Why?
  • What’s a farmer’s job?
  • If you were to draw a farmer again would your drawing be different?
  • What kind of job in agriculture would you like best?
number 6

BONUS! Watch author Lisl H. Detlefsen read her book "Right This Very Minute" to see what farmers are doing right now to help grow food for you and me!

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