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Agriculture in the classroom, opportunities for agricultural learning and discovery at school.

Two New Ag Card Games!

We have two new card games to make learning about agriculture FUN!

Fall 2019 White-Reinhardt Mini-Grants Awarded to Enhance Ag Literacy

Our Fall 2019 White-Reinhardt grant winners have been chosen by our panel of judges.

Ag-vocating in the Classroom

One of our 2019 White-Reinhardt Scholarship winners shares her experience at the National Ag in the Classroom Conference!

Now Accepting White-Reinhardt Mini-Grant Applications!

The White-Reinhardt Mini-Grant Program funds projects that will increase agricultural literacy. Applications are due April 15!

Thanks for Participating in #ReadAgBooks18!

National Read a Book Day was on September 6 and all across the country people read accurate ag books!

Reimagining Career Day

Guest blogger Valerie Bayes explains how STEM careers can come alive during Career Day!

Spring 2018 White-Reinhardt Mini-Grants Awarded

Seven county Farm Bureaus have received $1,000 mini-grants for ag literacy programs through the White-Reinhardt Fund.

2017 Food & Farm Facts Activity Cards

The new Food and Farm Facts Activity Cards are standards-aligned and now available!

September is National Honey Month!

In the spirit of celebration, we bring you five crazy honey related facts you won’t BEE-LIEVE!

Celebrating Volunteers - GA Ag in the Classroom

We love to celebrate volunteer efforts to educate about agriculture! 

Classroom Ag

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Help Students Discover Ag Careers!

Ever wonder what careers are in agriculture besides "farmer or rancher?" The answers may surprise you!

Classroom Ag

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What If I Know Nothing About Agriculture? Can I Still Use It In My Classroom?

Guest blogger, Marissa Morris writes about how she went from being "clueless" about agriculture, to being a pro at using it in her classroom! Get her tips, tricks and more!

Classroom Ag

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Ag Mags a Great Teaching Resource for Spanish Class!

Agriculture is a great topic for almost any subject area, and now it’s even great for Spanish class!

Classroom Ag

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What is a farmer? Moooving with STEM

Ever ask a group of high school kids “what is a farmer?” Leslie Prudhomme, On the Farm STEM participant, writes a guest blog that includes an outline for a Project Based Learning Unit that has students develop a farm plan. 

Classroom Ag

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National Pollinator Week

We've got the buzz on pollinator lesson plans and resources! 

Classroom Ag

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New Pizza Ag Mag is a Delicious Way to Engage Students

Mamma Mia! That's one tasty resource! This nonfiction text reader for grades 3-5 will engage students as they learn about the agricultural origins of their favorite pizza toppings, the history of pizza, and some awesome ag careers. 

Classroom Ag

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School Gardens: The Why and How

Resources on getting support from your administration for a school garden, how to start a garden, and getting students excited to plant! 

Classroom Ag

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Free Lesson Plans! Peanut Activity Cards Promote Math, Social Science Skills

Free downloadable lesson plans for grades 3-5 address math and social science skills while learning about peanuts and agriculture. 

Classroom Ag

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Farm a Month Resource Lets Students “Meet” a Farmer

Where does our food come from? Who grows it?  Farm a Month is 12 hands on lesson plans, 12 letters from real farmers, and 1 whole year of learning about agriculture!

Classroom Ag

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