At home learning | Jun 28, 2021

At Home Learning July 2021

Hooray for summer! Let the fun begin! With summer comes some delicious foods - why not add a bit of knowledge as a side dish?

Summer of good eats

Welcome to our At Home Learning Page! Here we have agriculture and farming book suggestions and activities you can do at home. These activities do not build on each other and can be done in any order. 

Summer is a time for fun but we can still sneak some learning in! Check out these suggestions for at home learning fun – all about delicious summer foods.

Wonderful Watermelons! Let's have some Watermelon science fun!

Curious about where seedless watermelons come from? 

Visit a local farmers market to see what’s fresh! Then come home and make a menu using some of those ingredients. Find a farmers market near you! 

Make a healthy fruit salad or green salad! Let your kids choose which fruits to add! Ever added fruit to a green salad? Our favorites are blueberries, strawberries and apples!

Having a BBQ this summer? Play Grocery Grab from My American Farm for some ingredient inspiration, then have your young learner write a story about grocery shopping for a party!

July is National Ice Cream Month! Celebrate with Chuck's Ice Cream Wish and follow up with a video from Chuck Fry Ice Cream Farmer! You can even make ice cream in a bag.

For learners in grades 5-12th, check out this Purple Plow Puzzler on How to Make a Water Wheel.

Eating a lot of sweet corn at your BBQs? But what is the difference between sweet corn and popcorn?

Book Recommendations:

Hey Hey Hay

Tyler Makes Spaghetti

Chuck's Ice Cream Wish

Gail Gibbons ICE CREAM

TRY IT! – with all those wonderful foods at the farmers market, this book is perfect for the season of trying new things.

How to build an insect – after reading this book try to create your own insect!

The thing about luck – for middle grade students

Berries are a summer treat too!

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