Kids Questions about Ag
Education | Sep 08, 2021

What Questions Do Your Kids Have About Agriculture?

Submit your kids '/students ' questions about food and farming and we will have a REAL farmer or rancher make a video reply.

OTF2021 tn l orig 01
Education | Sep 02, 2021

On the Farm STEM 2021 - Tennessee

This year 's On the Farm program brought together teams of high school educators with experts in science education, agricultural science, and beef production to the farmers, ranchers, and agriculture operators of Tennessee.

Ranch 4426781 1920
Education | Sep 01, 2021

The Barn and its Inhabitants Take Center Stage on Family Farms

Author Michelle Houts writes on her inspiration for the newest accurate ag book from Feeding Minds Press, BARN AT NIGHT which publishes on September 14th.

Honey 352205 1920
Chew on This | Aug 31, 2021

September is National Honey Month!

Learn all about honey and pollinators in honor of National Honey Month!

201223 pp spring 2021 h2 grow
Projects | Aug 31, 2021

Spring 2021 Purple Plow H2Grow Challenge Winners Chosen

The winners of the Spring 2021 Purple Plow Challenge, H2Grow, have been chosen!

Fruit 1095331 640
At Home Learning | Aug 30, 2021

At Home Learning September

September is National Fruits and Veggies Month! Get some at home learning ideas!

Picnic 2659207 1920
Education | Aug 11, 2021

What Foods Grow in the Summer?

Farmers work year-round to get food on our table, but here we explore some popular fruits and veggies that are in season in the summer!

Sandwich 2301387 1920
At Home Learning | Aug 02, 2021

At Home Learning August 2021

August is National Sandwich Month! Take a bite out of some of our favorite educational activities related to sandwiches and lunch.

Untitled design
Education | Jul 14, 2021

2021 Christina Sue Lilja Resource Grant Winners

With nearly 600 applicants, 51 educators were randomly selected to receive $100 credits to the Farm Bureau store, thanks to the contributions from the CSL Foundation and another generous donor.

Summer of good eats
At Home Learning | Jun 28, 2021

At Home Learning July 2021

Hooray for summer! Let the fun begin! With summer comes some delicious foods - why not add a bit of knowledge as a side dish?

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