Education | Apr 17, 2020

Free At Home Educational Activities About Agriculture: Week 4

This week we are exploring activities that cover nutrition and cooking—yum!

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This week we are exploring activities that cover nutrition and cooking—yum!

1. Pre-K- K Health

In "Load the Lunchbox" from My American Farm, help Farmer Luis harvest nutritious food to fill the lunchboxes of the kids in Healthy Hollow!

In the "Food from the Farm" activity, young learners identify the different food groups using MyPlate.

2. Pre-K K Math, Nutrition, Music, Physical Activity

Read "Using MyPlate" if you have a copy!

We are now offering the whole educator guide for free! Why not try out one of the lessons like "Matching Foods"? 

3. K-2 Nutrition

Read "How Did That Get in My Lunchbox?" or watch a read aloud version on YouTube! After reading, have your kids guess what food groups their favorite foods are part of.

Further learning about healthy choices and balanced meals, with this free lesson from the "How Did That Get in My Lunchbox?" educator guide!

4. K-2 Math & Science

Do this activity from California Agriculture in the Classroom. Your young learners will learn about how fruits grow and their nutritional value! 

5. Grades 3-5 Health & English Language Arts

Play the My American Farm game "Let’s Make Something Tasty," using clues in recipes to figure out missing ingredients.

Then, read the accompanying e-comic that explores food safety. Have your learners write a few sentences describing what they've learned.

6. Grades 5-12 Science

Do the "Bee-In In the Kitchen" Purple Plow Puzzler and bake your own sweet treat using honey.

For more sweet science, do one of these simple science experiments on cookie ingredients!

7. All Ages

Check out these tips and tricks for healthy eating at home, and keeping active, from Fuel Up to Play 60!

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