Science projects | Nov 20, 2017

5 Simple Science Experiments on Cookie Ingredients

Who says STEM isn't sweet?


Who Says STEM isn't Sweet? Here are 5 Simple Science Experiments you can do on cookie ingredients! 

1. Chocolate Chips

Chocolate starts as a pod on the cacao tree found in tropical environments. Discover how we go from pod to yummy chocolate bar in this video.

Did you know whole milk is needed to make milk chocolate? That milk starts right on a dairy farm. 

Try out this STEM experiment- "How Do You Make the 'Best' Cookie?"

Ready to make some cookies yourself? This Nestle Toll House recipe is a classic go-to for Americans across the country. 

2. Flour

Flour is what holds your cookies together. There are many different varieties of flour, but for cookies all-purpose is the most widely used. 

This video explores how wheat is made into flour! 

Proteins in flour create gluten; check out this STEM experiment exploring gluten content in different types of flour.

3. Sugar

You know about sugarcane, but did you know that since the mid-1990s, sugarcane has accounted for about 45 percent of the total sugar produced domestically, and sugar beets for about 55 percent of production? *USDA 

This America's Heartland video explores suger beet harvest.

Try out this STEM experiment with sugar and heat to learn more about sugar.

Craving sugar cookies now? Check out this recipe!

4. Raspberry or Strawberry Jam

Strawberry or raspberry jam can make cookies more festive. Did you know strawberries are the only fruit with the seeds on the outside? And raspberries are made up of many connecting, individual sections of fruit, each with its own seed that surround a central core!

Learn how to extract DNA from a strawberry in this STEM experiment in this lesson from Bringing Biotechnology to Life!

Check out the Specialty Crops Ag Mag to learn more about raspberries, strawberries and other specialty crops. 

5. Butter

Luscious & creamy turns into crisp and chewy when butter is baked into our favorite cookies. Butter starts on a dairy farm before it makes it into your cookies. 

Learn more about dairy and the dairy industry at Udder Truth.

This STEM experiment explores the science of butter. 


Read "All in Just One Cookie" to learn more about how your favorite ingredients make it from farm to cookie! 

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