Education | Sep 01, 2020

Broward County Supports Ag Literacy

Learn more about the Foundation's County Leader Award!

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The American Farm Bureau Foundation presents the County Leader Award to county Farm Bureaus where each member of the board donates at least $25 to the Foundation. We are proud and honored to be supported by Florida’s Broward County Farm Bureau every year! President Fred Segal and the Broward County Farm Bureau board has received the County Leader Award for 23 years. Broward County is consistently the first county to qualify for the award, offering their donation at the Annual Convention in January.


President Segal is proud to offer his county’s support, specifically citing the important work the Foundation does to educate students and the general public about agriculture. Mr. Segal further noted the deep impact agricultural education has on students.


“Agricultural literacy is important because it helps teach young people about where our food and fiber come from… if we can educate in a way that is enjoyable and fun, it helps make it something the students will always remember.”~ President Fred Segal


Thanks to the donations from county Farm Bureaus like Broward the Foundation can invest in agriculture education programs for students, teachers, and consumers. County Farm Bureaus can receive the Leader Award by completing and returning this form with their contributions.

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