Education | Mar 15, 2020

At Home Ag-tivities

Staying in? Need some fun and educational activities? Here are some fun ways to learn about food and farming from home!

Agtiviteis parent child book


Learn about where food comes from with…

How Did That Get In My Lunchbox? 

Watch the book being read online

Do an activity

Play a game

Help your young learner research where your favorite lunchbox item came from! Check out this youtube channel “How Does it Grow?” 


Printable Board Game – Farm 2 Cart 

3-5th Grade

Printable books from Feeding Minds Press 

The Vibrant Variety 

Explores plant scientist and ag journalist.

The Cow Conundrum 

Explores dairy farmer and veterinarian.

The Artistic Arrangement 

Explores florist and ag teacher.

My American Farm Games – here are some favorites

Ag Across America 




6-12th Grade 

Purple Plow Puzzlers  

Water Ways

Rube Goldberg Machine


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