From Kernel to Corncob

By Ellen Weiss

Each of the books in this series by the same author begins with vocabulary words and photographs depicting the meaning of the words. It identifies the term in bold letters and instructs the reader to look for the word in the text in its bold format. As a result this is a great vocabulary builder and reading for content book. Each page has three to five sentences and the facing page has an excellent photograph with a caption. The content covers how corn is grown and harvested. This is the weakest book of the series. Unfortunately, it never explains that sweet corn and field corn are different and used differently. It uses the images of each interchangeably. It does not show field corn dried down nor mechanical harvesting. Also, the sequence of photos in this book does not accurately accompany the text the way the other books in the series does. Either the author should have just depicted sweet corn and left out any references to field corn or she should have explained the difference and included more information about field corn, its uses and production. The book ends with the corn life cycle and a glossary.
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