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The World’s Greatest Fix: A History of Nitrogen

By G. J. Leigh

This is a book that would serve many audiences in a high school library - social studies, science and environmental studies foremost. While this may not seem like a title of any great interest, any person truly interested in the future of humans, population and the environment, this book is a must. One cannot fully comprehend the challenges facing agriculture unless they understand the requirements of producing food. This book explores early civilizations through today's modern capability and explains why we are now capable of feeding so many people. The book contains segments on the agriculture of Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec, Chinese, Roman, and English civilizations and their quest to escape famine by producing adequate food on land. The author makes fairly complex information easy to understand and clear for the average adult with an interest in the topic. The work is well documented with 150 footnotes from excellent sources. The nitrogen fixation explanation would serve well in a high school science class (either biology or chemistry).

ISBN: 0-195-16582-9

Categories: Fertilizers Books High School Middle School


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