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Life on a Pig Farm

By Judy Wolfman

Focused on the 4-H projects of two girls, this book tells their story and that of their farm. Unfortunately, in that process it reinforces many stereotypes about hogs. This is a farm that has their sows on pasture and is using boars for breeding rather than artificial insemination The hogs wallow in mud and one photo shows a hog half submerged in water. It would appear as though the hog is in a pond and the wallow is the muddy embankment. The text explains that hogs have no sweat glands and that this is how they keep cool. Other photographs show the two girls riding their sows and wheeling a shoat in a wheel barrow. However, these shortcomings are balanced by the depiction and description of their preparation, training for the show and fair day. That portion of the book is exceptional. So too are pictures of newborn piglets, clipping needle teeth, iron shots, ear notching and other day-to-day chores. The book concludes with excellent fun facts, references, Web sites, and a glossary.


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