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Agricultural Drones

By Simon Rose

This book is mostly accurate; however it does gloss over some information. For example in the “Flying by the rules” section it is important to note that these rules are continuously evolving, so this section might not stay accurate for long. In the “Flying into the Future” section we should also note that other countries have been using drones successfully for years, especially Japan. Under “More Drones and New Laws” we should note that agricultural drones are small and don’t currently have the capacity to carry large amounts of chemicals – so when it says “agricultural drones also carry dangerous chemicals” this needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Finally, it talks about privacy and drones. Currently privacy is a state, not federal issue. While this may seem like a long list of inaccuracies, overall the book does a good job of explaining drones which is why it is currently still recommended. 

ISBN: 978-1515737759

Categories: Technology Books Elementary School


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