How is technology in agriculture changing?

Tractor technology is changing! Auto-steer and GPS (global positioning systems) help make farming more efficient. Tractor technology is also helping the environment. Manufacturers have developed “tier 4 engines” that are practically smokeless. They get better fuel efficiency and clean exhaust! Some tractor manufacturers are even testing out autonomous tractors. These are tractors that drive without a human being in the driver’s seat! As horsepower increases in tractors, the size of equipment goes up. This can have negative effects on soil compaction. Autonomous tractors would be smaller, more efficient and able to run around the clock. It’s too early to tell about if or when the widespread adoption of autonomous tractors will happen, but it is exciting to think that new tractor technology could improve efficiency, reduce soil compaction and help alleviate the stresses of a dwindling ag workforce…while still planting and harvesting food for the world!

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