| Feb 16, 2024

What’s Coming in 2024

Find out what we have planned for the next year to help you with your ag literacy efforts!

Food and Farm Facts – Farm Bureau’s economists will analyze the new Ag Census data from 2022, and our talented in-house designers will create an updated and easy-to-read Food and Farm Facts. You can still buy the 2019 version here

Rice Ag Mag – How does rice grow? How is it harvested? So many people enjoy rice every day. In this new nonfiction magazine for kids, students will read all about rice. 

Snacks Ag Mag Mini – Kids love snacks! In this k-2 nonfiction magazine, find out what people are snacking on around the world, how some of our favorite snacks make it to us from a farm, and plan some healthy and safe snacks for yourself and your family.

All About Almonds e-Learning Module – Ever see a tree shake? You might be curious to learn how almonds are grown and harvested! In this e-Learning Module (best for 3rd grade and up), learners will explore how almonds grow, are pollinated, are harvested and enjoyed. 

Accessibility – we are redesigning our online learning modules to be accessible to:

  • visually impaired.
  • deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals.
  • neurodivergent learners, offering both visual and auditory options means learners can use the one that suits them best.
  • English as a second language learners benefit from both spoken and written versions, as they might be able to read/hear the language more easily than the other.

The Soil in Jackie’s Garden & Educator’s Guide – The newest book from Feeding Minds Press, The Soil in Jackie’s Gardenwill be released on May 29. Join Jackie and her garden friends in this charming picture book as they discover the wonders of gardening, soil secrets, and the magic of composting. We will also be creating an accompanying educator’s guide for K-2 learners to take learning further. 

Outdoor Farm, Indoor Farm Educator’s Guide – Outdoor Farm, Indoor Farm is an adorable book releasing April 9 from Astra Young Readers. This book takes readers on a journey about how their food is grown, both inside and outside. We will create standards-aligned lessons for K-2 students exploring different kinds of farms.

Did you miss any of our 2023 projects?

Here are some highlights:

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In the Boat Ag Mag Supplement Module

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In the Christmas Tree Farm e-Learning Module


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