Farm books | Oct 18, 2021

The Prized Pumpkin: a New Free Resource

The Prized Pumpkin is now available as a free online learning module

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The Prized Pumpkin Online Module is a new free resource for grades 3-5th.

Available in English and Spanish as well as 508 compliant, this free resource will:

  • Extend learning opportunities and vocabulary
  • Offer interactive trivia and quizzes
  • Engage through journal prompts
  • Read the book chapter by chapter to the student
  • Show fun videos​

After completing the module students will:

  • Be able to recognize the pumpkin life cycle
  • Think about the steps for planting a crop
  • Identify what an agronomist does
  • Identify the role of pollinators in pumpkin production
  • Understand new vocabulary such as cultivator; greenhouse; nutrient and more
  • Learn what being a good friend means

No time for the full module? You can still listen to the full audio book here, or you can download and read it here.


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