| Mar 01, 2024

STEAM Ahead with "Potatoes for Pirate Pearl"

Feeding Minds Press has some great ideas on how to use "Potatoes for Pirate Pearl" to incorporate STEAM!

Fmp book cover potatoes

"Potatoes for Pirate Pearl" is perfect for STEAM!

Science - Learn all about the potato life cycle!

Technology & Engineering - Make a potato light bulb!

Art - Get creative with the potato and pirate theme! Here are some examples.

Math - Survey friends and family to find out which type of potato food is the top favorite!

Learn more about how to use "Potatoes for Pirate Pearl" from author Jennifer Concepcion below or get your free "Potatoes for Pirate Pearl" activity book here.

Jennifer Concepcion talking about "Potatoes for Pirate Pearl"

Article originally posted on FeedingMindsPress.com. 

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