Classroom ag | Sep 04, 2015

Free Lesson Plans! Peanut Activity Cards Promote Math, Social Science Skills

Free downloadable lesson plans for grades 3-5 address math and social science skills while learning about peanuts and agriculture.

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The American Farm Bureau Foundation and the National Peanut Board, along with peanut producer and industry organizations, have launched a free downloadable peanut learning resource for students in grades 3-5.

Peanut activity cards (Discover the Powerful Peanut) allow students to practice their math skills as they crunch peanut production data and reinforce social science skills as they create maps of key peanut growing regions and explore key events in history influenced by peanuts. They will also dig into science as they explore allergies, the plant lifecycle and nutrition.

The peanut activity cards provide a great way for teachers to get their students interested in math, geography and science. Incorporating fun food items, like peanuts, into a lesson engages students and makes learning more fun..

In addition to science, math and social science skills, students will also have the opportunity to enhance their English Language Arts skills by reading about peanut farm families on the activity cards.

“Since most of us do not live on a farm, it is important for school children to connect with America’s farm families through reading about peanut families,” said Cathy Johnson, marketing and communications specialist at the National Peanut Board. “These stories give us a picture of how these families take care of the land and work hard to grow the good food we all eat and enjoy,” she noted.

The National Peanut Board was founded in 2001 and is funded by America’s 7,000 peanut farming families. The board funds production research, stimulates new uses for U.S. grown peanuts and drives demand for the commodity. 

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