Classroom ag | Jun 06, 2016

New Pizza Ag Mag is a Delicious Way to Engage Students

Mamma Mia! That's one tasty resource! This nonfiction text reader for grades 3-5 will engage students as they learn about the agricultural origins of their favorite pizza toppings, the history of pizza, and some awesome ag careers.


Pizza is the world's most popular food. That is why it is the perfect vehicle to engage students in a discussion about where their food comes from, and the Pizza Ag Mag is a great way to do just that!

The ag mag is made up of nonfiction text that is aligned to learning standards, see the bottom of this article for a list of standards. 

Topics covered in the new Pizza Ag Mag include:

  • Who's Eating Pizza? - a look at America's favorite food
  • Get a Rise out of Yeast- the science behind yeast
  • A Slice of History - Pizza's history
  • Tasty Toppings- an exploration of the agricultural origins of our favorite toppings
  • Toppings from Around the World
  • Suggested activities including: Pizza probability, fabulous fractions, and more!
  • Pizza for Life! A career corner

Get a classroom set of 30 ag mags for just $5.00!

Teaching Spanish? Know a Spanish teacher? We also offer the Pizza Ag Mag in Spanish for $5.50

Standards supported:

  • Career Development, National Career Development Association
    • k-6 3.0 Helping Pupils understand career applications of subject matter
  • Common Core English
    • Reading Standards: Foundational Skills, Phonics and word recognition 3.0
  • Next Generation Science Standards Disciplinary Core Ideas
    • 3,4,5-Ls1 From Molecules to Organisms
    • 5-PS3.D Energy in Chemical Processes and Everyday Life
  • Social Science, National Council for Social Studies
    • NSS-GK-12.1 The world in spatial terms
    • NSS.G.K-12.2 Places and regions 
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