Opportunities | Oct 25, 2021

Looking for Agritourism Operations

Get your agritourism location noticed!

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Attention farmers and agritourism entrepreneurs!  We are excited to introduce the American Farm Trail app - a new agritourism app from The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture.  Sign up for free to showcase your agritourism operation or tour to new visitors. Farms and attractions can create their own profile showcasing their operation, history, products and more!  

Tourists using the app will be able to search by area, type of attraction, etc.  We hope to launch the app next spring and are currently searching for agritourism stops to add to the app. Learn more in this video.

We developed the app with the hope to connect more consumers with where their food comes from. This fits in with our mission to build awareness and understanding of agriculture through education.

We invite you to be among the first to explore the site: American Farm Trail app and sign up your location by clicking the “Get Listed” button.  

Need more help? Download the How To Set Up Your Attraction Guide.

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