Education | May 15, 2020

Free At Home Educational Activities About Agriculture: Week 8

Soil is the focus of this week 's at home activities; grab a shovel and dig into these lessons!

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Soil is the focus of this week’s at home activities; grab a shovel and dig into these lessons!

1. K-2 Science

These activities from the National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix teach young learners about the importance of soil! Learn how apples and Earth are related and what soil is made of. You can download the free activities here

2. Grades 3-4 Science

Nutrients for Life has many great free resources about soil! This activity teaches kids all about the make up of soil. 

You can also watch a video on how to do it here

3. Grades 3-5 Science, Engineering and English Language Arts

Play the My American Farm game “Thrive”! In this game, players learn how to help soil and water thrive on the farm. 

In the accompanying activity “Surprising Soil,” students will learn about soil types and discover how matter moves through the ecosystem. Download here!

Then, read the e-comic “Digging into Soil”. Follow Annie Appleseed as she learns about sand, silt, clay and loam. More advanced readers can read aloud to their parent or guardian. 

4. Grades 6-8 Science, Math and English Language Arts

This activity from the Agriculture & the Environment curriculum explores soil quality. In this lesson, middle school learners learn about soil structure and why farmers care about soil quality. Download the lesson here.

And you can check out the whole curriculum here.

5. Grades 5-12 Science

We have a number of Purple Plow Puzzlers that talk about soil. In this one about soil erosion, create a prototype that prevents soil erosion! 

In this one hour puzzler, demonstrate how to take a soil core sample to determine soil fertility.

For a fun and educational snack, make an edible soil profile


For more, check out this blog on how farmers steward the land. 

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