Education | Apr 30, 2020

Free At Home Educational Activities About Agriculture: Week 6

This is our 6th week of at home activities and it is time to get growing!

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This is our 6th week of at home activities and it is time to get growing! Let's dig in.

1. K-2 Science

For this week's K-2 activities, we turned to our friends at the Nutrients for Life Foundation. 

They have a plethora of free activities, but 2 of our favorites are the "Be a Soil Detective" and "Root Review". You can check out all of the lessons here.

2. Grades 1-3 English Language Arts and Science

If you have a copy, read Seed Soil Sun or find a read aloud version on YouTube. Make sure to point out all of the pictures and discuss them.

Then, do this free "Have You Seen My Seeds?" activity from the Seed Soil Sun Educator Guide! In this lesson, kids learn about different seeds and what plants they grow into. To add in some math practice, have your kids practice counting, adding and subtracting the seeds.

3. Grades 3-5 English Language Arts and Science

Play My American Farm's "That's Life!" game. In this game, players explore lifecycles of things like soybeans and cotton. 

Then, do this "Garden in a Glove" activity to see seeds grow into plants! You can use a Ziploc bag instead of a glove for the same results. 

To sharpen their reading skills, have your 3rd-5th graders read the accompanying e-comic "The Great Crop Countdown." Another option is to read it together.

4. Grades 5-12 English Language Arts and Science

Read this article from NASA about the greenhouse effect for background info. Have learners summarize what they learned in a few sentences.

Then, do this one hour Purple Plow Puzzler to create your own mini greenhouse. 

We'll be back next week with more ideas, and make sure to check out weeks 1-5 in the News section!

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