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Free At Home Educational Activities About Agriculture: Week 5

Let 's build it up! This week 's activities are all about building and innovation.

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Let’s build it up! This week’s activities are all about building and innovation.

1. Grades K-2 English Language Arts

If you have a copy, read "John Deere, That's Who!" If not, there are many read aloud versions you can find on YouTube.

This free lesson from the "John Deere, That's Who!" educator guide allows young learners to use their imagination to create a new tool or invention, while also sharpening writing skills.

For more fun, check out one of these videos from John Deere that show how machines help farmers, and other workers, get their job done right! We like this one about harvesting. 

2. Grades 3-5 English Language Arts, Science and Technology

Watch this video to learn how technology allows farmers to produce more food! Ask your kids what they were surprised to learn and have them write a couple sentences.

Play My American Farm's "Equipment Engineer"! This game allows players to test their knowledge on heavy machinery that is used in agriculture around the world AND sharpen vocabulary and problem-solving skills. 

Then, do the accompanying "Hands, Horses and High Tech Machines!" activity. In this activity, learners discover the importance of equipment and machines in helping farmers increase productivity. 

3. Grades 3-12 English Language Arts, Science and Engineering

The "Mason Bee Hotel Puzzler" from Purple Plow is a fun activity for students of all ages! Mason bees don't live in a hive like other bees, but instead pick crevices in trees or rocks. In this activity, kids are challenged to make their own mason bee hotel. 

For further learning on mason bees, check out this video all about solitary bees.Then, learners can write a few sentences or paragraphs, depending on age, about what they've learned. 

4. Grades 3-5 English Language Arts and Math

In this lesson from National Ag in the Classroom, kids will learn about different types of barns and their functions. They will also use problem-solving skills to build their own barn!

Have legos laying around? Have your kids build the best and coolest barn they can and show off their work by tagging us on Facebook or Twitter.


As an add on lesson, print this image and have your kids match the innovation to the agricultural product it helps.

For more at home learning activities, check out these resources from 4-H! 

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