Education | May 14, 2015

Printable board game helps kids learn about where food comes from

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Farm to Cart is a new farm game for preschool and early elementary teachers, families, farmers and ranchers hosting agricultural literacy events, was recently launched by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. The game is intended to help learners to answer the question: Where does food come from? As well as make the connection that food comes from farms before it reaches the grocery store and ultimately our homes.

Through the game, young learners discover how to describe the general process for the production of an agricultural product and how farmers use land to grow crops. Players will race to be the first player to harvest items from the farm and place them in their grocery carts. To win, a player must have three items that grow on trees, three animal products from the land and three items from the soil.

This farm game is offered as a free, PDF download here. 

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