Opportunities | Jul 16, 2020

Fall 2020 White-Reinhardt Classroom & Community Grants Awarded

We have awarded nearly $10,000 in grants to 10 communites across the nation through the White-Reinhardt Fund for Education program.


We have awarded nearly $10,000 in grants to 10 communites across the nation through the White-Reinhardt Fund for Education program.

The White-Reinhardt Grant Program funds projects that will increase agricultural literacy. County and state Farm Bureaus apply for grants up to $1,000 in order to initiate new ag literacy programs or expand existing programs. 

Read on to see what projects were funded for Fall 2020.

New Castle County Farm Bureau, DE

New Castle Farm Bureau has partnered with the Delaware Center for Horticulture (DCH) to build public demonstration gardens highlighting aspects of urban gardening. Additionally, DCH and New Castle Farm Bureau will create virtual programming for families to learn about growing food. Their programming will aim to reach 100 students and families annually with content geared towards 4th-6th grade.

McDuffie County Farm Bureau, GA

McDuffie County Farm Bureau will be partnering with Thompson Family YMCA to create an accessible sensory edible garden for the kids at summer camp to interact with. The garden will include a composting system and rainwater barrels. The garden will be developed to be used year-round. Ideally the yields from the garden will be used to create healthy meals and possible sell.

Cook County Farm Bureau, IL

The Cook County Farm Bureau is creating a “What’s GROWING on Over There” program that links high schoolers with elementary students. These pairings will be intentional and provide the students with someone they can connect with culturally. The goal is for the elementary students to learn about agriculture from the FFA organizations. The content created will be adaptable to an online platform.

Miami County Farm Bureau, KS

Miami County Farm Bureau is partnering with Lakemary School to create a library of agricultural education books for a broad range of cognitive abilities. This new collection of books will become an intrinsic component of the school’s on-site, therapeutic ranch and their accompanying agriculture education program.

Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation

The Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation plans to create an interactive agricultural career display to be used at various career fairs. The display will include interactive games and information about agricultural education careers. The display will then be available for Ag in the Classroom volunteers to use throughout the state.

Copper County Farm Bureau, MI

The Copper County Farm Bureau plans to enhance the agricultural books available to 1st and 3rd grade students. With this grant, CCFB will provide over 1,193 elementary students will access to accurate ag books in their classrooms!

Jefferson County Farm Bureau, NY

Jefferson County Farm Bureau is partnering with Old McDonald’s farm to create educational presentations that can be used while the farm is closed in the winter. These presentations will include interactive, hands on experiments and activities. Volunteers will bring the farm experience to schools!

Carter County Farm Bureau, TN

Carter County Farm Bureau is partnering with 5th-7th grade 4-H classes to help enhance their understanding about where their food comes from. 4-H volunteers will be reading accurate ag books in libraries, schools, and homes schools. After reading the students will produce a small report to help enhance their learning. The project hopes to reach over 900 students.

Utah Farm Bureau Women’s Committee

The Utah Farm Bureau Women’s Committee plans to create a “Seedstock” ag literacy kit for each county. The kits will include the book “Full of Beans”, with the corresponding classroom lesson plan, Pizza Time Bulletin Board, Ag Quest Cards and Utah Beefscapes Video CD. Volunteers will be able to use these kits as they work in different schools and events.

Walworth County Farm Bureau, WI

Walworth County Farm Bureau is converting their County Fair barnyard adventure agriculture education tour to a touchless experience. The stations will virtually showcase dairy, crop and grains, beekeeping, beef, butterflies, poultry, garden produce, swine, goats, sheep, horse, orchards and more. This experience aims to enhance the visitors experience and connect with a wide variety of fair guests of all ages.

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