Education | Sep 20, 2015

A Story of Ag Literacy

Because of you, nearly 2,000 1st through 5th graders in Franklin County, VA, know a lot more about the foods that grow right in their own county.


Meet the students and teachers of Callaway Elementary. Yesterday they didn’t know about farming in their county, but today they know all about the agriculture that surrounds them and it is all thanks to you. Your donations funded a White-Reinhardt mini-grant for Franklin County Farm Bureau, which allowed the organization to reach students during their Franklin County Agricultural Fair.

Franklin County Farm Bureau said:“We found it interesting that teachers didn’t know that we had a shrimp farm in our county. That was the most surprising fact that we got to share with the students/teachers. The commodities that the students enjoyed seeing, touching and smelling the most were the grain commodities. We even had silage! They thought that was stinky and couldn’t believe that cows loved it and it was like their salad. We also showed a county map that we produced with all the commodities pictured on it. This way they could see how many commodities Franklin County produces and where in the county things are located.”

The funding Franklin County Farm Bureau requested also helped create educational kits to use at events and in classrooms, libraries and Extension offices. The kits helped teach students about agriculture: “They left knowing that we are lucky to live in such a diversified county.” Said Franklin County

The fair was the original purpose for the grant, but the county also used the kits when it manned two education stations at a local elementary school. There volunteers educated another 300 students on where their food comes from and how dairy farmers take care of their cows and produce safe and nutritious food.

These kits have long lasting power and will continue to educate students in their county for years to come. The kits can be borrowed by teachers, other organizations and the local Farm Bureau Women’s Committee to use again and again. It will create a network of knowledge to further agricultural education. 

Thank you for supporting agricultural literacy projects like these with your generous donations! 

You can support more ag literacy programs by donating today. 

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