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7 Romantic Foods & Where They Come From

How do pomegranates grow? What do pigs have to do with truffles? Are oysters really farmed? What makes these foods romantic?

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How do pomegranates grow? What do pigs have to do with truffles? Are oysters really farmed? What makes these foods romantic? 

1. Pomegranates

Although it seems an exotic fruit, pomegranates do grow in California. The inside of the pomegranate is full of seeds called arils. The seed is surrounded by a glistening red pocket of juice which is sweet and tart.

What makes them romantic?  Often called “Aphrodite’s fruit,” these bright gems support blood flow!

Opening a pomegranate can be tricky…so here is a trick to open a pomegranate! 

2. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate starts as a pod on the cacao tree found in tropical environments. Discover how we go from pod to bar.

What makes chocolate romantic? Dark chocolate has been shown to increase dopamine, a chemical which makes you feel happy.

3. Strawberries

Strawberries are the only fruit that have their seeds on the outside. Strawberries are usually hand-picked. They are also members of the rose family (so they were bound to be romantic!)

What makes strawberries romantic? Strawberries have loads of vitamin C which helps with blood flow! They are also a lovely romantic red color!

Learn more about strawberries from this California farmer.

4. Oysters

Guess what?  Some oysters are farmed! They take about 2 years before they are ready to harvest. Watch this video to see how oysters are farmed. 

What makes oysters romantic? Oysters have long been thought to be an aphrodisiac as they are high in zinc which may help with fertility. 

5. Truffles

Why are truffles romantic? Some believe it’s the fact that they are a rare and expensive indulgence.

Learn more about truffles and truffle farming. 

6. Vanilla

The vanilla plant is the only orchid plant that grows fruit. The plant itself is a vine, but the vanilla we know and love is the bean/fruit of the plant. Processing (blanching, drying and more) the bean can take over 9 months! That’s a labor of love.

Why is vanilla romantic? Legend! It is said that the first vanilla orchid sprouted from the blood of two star-crossed lovers.

Learn more about how vanilla grows. 

7. Chile Peppers

Chile peppers are often grown in southwest states like Arizona and New Mexico.

What makes them romantic? Besides being another bright red food, these spicy treats also stimulate endorphins and speed up heart rate.

Meet a chile pepper farmer in Arizona. 

BONUS! Cherries 

Perfect for February, National Cherry Month, these super red super foods are already in the shape of hearts! So be sure to enjoy them on Valentine’s Day too!

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