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5 Answers to "How Did That Get in My Lunchbox?"

How does string cheese string? Do bananas grow on trees? Find out where some of your lunchtime favorites originated.

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1. The Classic PB&J


Peanuts are not nuts at all! They are legumes that grow underground!

Play My American Farm's Operation Peanut Butter to follow peanuts from the field to their sandwich!

Concord Grapes

The great jelly debate: grape or strawberry?  Concord grapes are one of the most popular jelly and juice varieties. Grapes grow on vines! Juice from the grape is cooked in large kettles then sugar and pectin are added to get the right consistency.


Wheat is used in many products such as pasta, breads and pastries. Watch and discover what makes white, wheat, and multigrain breads different. Look out for a brand new ag mag all about wheat coming soon!

ReadPB&J Hooray to discover the whole process from seed, to factory, to store, to your lunchbox! 

2. String Cheese

Photo by Quinn Dombrosk/ CC BY-SA 2.0

How does string cheese STRING? Watch this video to find out the secret. (Hint, it’s all about the  cooking process.)

Learn more about dairy and dairy products with these resources:

Read: Extra Cheese Please

Take into the Classroom: Dairy Ag Mag

Addressing Misconceptions about Dairy: UdderTruth

3. Bananas

Bananas do NOT grow on trees. They grow on banana plants which are a root structure that produces an above ground stem.

Confused? Listen to this British narrator explain it

4. Apples

There are many different varieties of apples.  Farmers and scientists are working together to create even more! For example, the Honey Crisp apple was developed at the University of Minnesota. Here are a few more to look out for.

Learn more about how apples are grown, stored, and used for apple cider with this book: Apple Orchard Riddle

Take it to the classroom! Here is a sample lesson from the accompanying Educator Guide

5. Chips

Potato chips are America’s favorite snack! Ask a child if they know their chips (or french fries) are made of potatoes. (They may be surprised or not believe you at all!). Potatoes aren't grown from seeds, but "seed potatoes"  and they grow underground. Learn more about how they grow in this video. (another British narrator *yay accents*)  

How did we get the potato chip? History here.


Read our inspirationHow Did That Get in My Lunchbox?


Play Load the Lunchbox from My American Farm to learn more about where lunchtime favorites come from.

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