Information for Industry Partners



If you are an agriculture industry partner, we hope you’ll discover how the Pillars can support your efforts to engage with your consumers, including classrooms in your communities! This tool can serve as a platform for discussion and thoughtful discovery. So dive in!


Here are a few ways you can raise the level of discussion about agriculture in your communities.


School Visit Planning Tool: Do you have employees who are excited to connect with local schools to share what you do? Use the Pillars as a guide as you sit down to plan your visit. Begin by selecting a Pillar of focus for your visit. Next, select the age group you plan to visit to identify messaging.


Partnership Opportunities: Do you partner with your local Agriculture in The Classroom, student organizations, or other agricultural outreach organization? As you begin partnership discussion regarding outcomes, use the Pillars to brainstorm and explore new opportunities to reinforce key industry concepts.


Evaluation: Do you already have agricultural literacy resources available? Use the Pillars as a tool to review current resources and identify areas of strength or opportunities for improvement.

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