Information for Agricultural Literacy Coordinators



If you are involved in coordinating agricultural literacy efforts at a local, regional, state or national level, the Pillars of Agricultural Literacy can be an incredible tool for guiding discussion, planning and implementation of your efforts.


Here are a few ways you can use the Pillars to support your agricultural literacy efforts:


Purposeful planning: when you begin planning your outreach efforts for the coming month, quarter or year, pull out a copy of the tellers. Identify a Pillar on which to focus your efforts. Concentrate your efforts in building awareness and understanding at each age level for a specific Pillar.


Team strategy: do you work with others to plan lessons or events in your school or community? Identify one Pillar to focus on each year. Craft activities and discussions pieces to support this teller throughout your events.


Resource guide: are you planning to order resources? Use the Pillars Matrix to identify the resources offered by the American Farm Bureau foundation for agriculture which align with each Pillar.


Are you a classroom teacher? We encourage you to visit the Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix developed by National Agriculture in the Classroom. The Matrix organizes great resources by national learning standard. Access the Matrix here:



Pillars Planning Presentation  (pptx 967.53 KB)
Pillars Planning Survey  (docx 541.56 KB)

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