Food and Farm Facts


The 2019 Food and Farm Facts book features facts about food in America, how it is grown and who produces it, using color photographs and infographic style illustrations. See what's inside! 

Below are some ways you can use Food and Farm Facts to help others learn about American agriculture!  You can download the complete "How to Use Food and Farm Facts" one pager here. 



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Remember! These images are copyrighted and can only be used to share online as is. They cannot be printed, reproduced, or edited. If you enjoy these infographics check out the Food and Farm Facts Pocket Guide! 

One US Farm Feeds 166 People Annually Infographic 

Americans Pay the Least for Food Infographic

Americans Love Pizza Infographic

What Can Grow on an Acre Infographic

American Farms are Family Owned Infographic 



In the Classroom

  • Test the knowledge of students in grades 7-12 with this free jeopardy game.
  • Food and Farm Facts trivia cards test knowledge on national agricultural statistics. Best for middle and high schoolers. 
  • Food And Farm Facts Activity Cards: 4-6 features 12 easy-to-implement activities connected to “Food and Farm Facts” for grades 4-6.

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4-H / FFA Leaders

In Student Leadership Organizations

  • Prior to exhibiting livestock at a fair, have students review Food & Farm Facts. 
  • Allow students to review Food & Farm Facts when identifying prepared speech topics.
  • Use as a guide for developing ag literacy resources for elementary school visits. 
  • Set up a learning station at your FFA conference or CDE field day. 

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Farm Bureaus and Ag Organizations 

At Fairs and Events

  • Set up a “Meet a Farmer” hour each day where farmers can discuss some of the most interesting facts with fair-goers. 
  • Hand out pocket guides.  Include a quick “Did you know one U.S. farm feeds 166 people? For more information read this!"


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