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Sun in My Tummy

By Laura Alary

Unique look at how we all get energy from the sun via our foods. Back matter should be read before gifted to an educator. 


Official description: 

The cooking of a healthy breakfast moves from parent-child bonding to an eloquent conversation about energy, the growth of plants, and the miraculous ways the sun’s light nourishes us all.

It began with the sun,
Who showers the earth
With heat and light―
Tiny packets of energy.

How does a home-cooked breakfast give a little girl the energy she needs for a brand-new day? In gently expressive language, her mother takes readers on a journey into the earth where sleepy seeds are tickled awake and grow into golden oats; into blueberry patches, where green leaves break apart water and air to build sweet sugar; and into a pasture where sun becomes grass, becomes cow, becomes milk.

ISBN: 978-1772782417



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