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If You Want to Knit Some Mittens

By Laura Purdie Salas

Note: includes a sheep character that acts like a human. Besides the human characteristics of the sheep character, the story doesn't show the modern process of sheep to mittens, but it gives students a good idea of how it happens.


Official description: 

In this humorous picture book, a girl's desire to knit mittens leads to something even better: the warmth of friendship.

How do you knit a pair of mittens? The first step is to get a sheep of course! In this playful story, a girl follows 18 steps to knit mittens--from bringing home a sheep to carding, spinning, and dyeing the wool to knitting the mittens. But along the way, her mischievous sheep creates chaos and wins her heart. By wintertime, the girl has sunny-yellow mittens, the sheep has a sunny-yellow hat, and together they're ready for adventure. This tale of patience, creativity, and friendship is knitted from skeins of humor and love.

ISBN: 978-1629795645



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