Help us Thank a Farmer or Rancher!



Here is how you can help us thank an American farmer or rancher!

1. Go into a classroom and have a discussion about how farmers and ranchers help provide us with our food, fiber and energy! If you are a farmer, talk about your operation, or if you are a teacher/volunteer read an accurate ag book to help students get an idea of what a farmer does each day.


2. Have students write, draw, or create thank you letters or thank you cards to farmers. Students may sign the cards, but please do not include last names. 


3. Send your thank yous in a pack to

American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture

600 Maryland Ave SW Suite 1000W

Washington DC 20024.


We will make sure REAL farmers and ranchers read your thank you letters!


Classroom ideas:

  • During Thanksgiving it is easy to bring up food in the classroom. Pull up a picture of a Thanksgiving day plate or ask students to name common foods on a Thanksgiving day plate. Then discuss the agricultural origins of each item on the plate! (Example: Turkey, cranberries, green beans, potatoes, stuffing.)
  • Have students in groups use a computer and the internet to discover where the ingredients such as pumpkins, butter, sugar and wheat come from. Give each group one ingredient; don’t tell them what the final product is going to be. Have students present where their ingredient is from, and then have the class as a whole guess what the recipe is for!
  • Invite a real farmer into your classroom to discuss their operation.

Suggested books and resources:

Letter format template:

If you have older students and want them to practice writing an official letter you can download and use this letter writing template.


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