Outreach Team

Requirements & Workshop Dates



1 - Planning with the Pillars One

Complete part one of the online course on Farm Bureau University.

2 - Planning with the Pillars Two

Complete part two of the online course on Farm Bureau University.

New to Farm Bureau University?

Email foundation@fb.org for login information.

3 - Classroom Fair or Event

Complete one classroom, fair, or event presentation using AFBFA materials and complete a reflection survey.

4 - Culminating Workshop

Attend an Outreach Team culminating workshop. See workshop dates below.

Have you completed requirements 1-3?

Join now and indicate which culminating workshop you plan to attend.

Culminating Workshop Dates

Join us for a free online webinar! This webinar will serve as the culminating workshop to become a Foundation Outreach Team member!


October 11th, 12pm Eastern