The Art & Science of Beekeeping

In the spirit of National Honey Month, we bring you a history of beekeeping as an ancient art and an overview of apiology as an important science for modern life.

Ag Education

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NEW Barn Banners

We've updated our barn banner ordering system & added new banners!

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Food Science Fun Camp

This new children's food science day camp guide contains 10 hands on  activities for one full day of fun! 

Summer Family Fun

Help students discover where their food comes from with these fun educational resources for families, teachers and volunteers! 

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Standards Aligned Activities Make Educating About Ag Easy

Standards aligned activities make it easy for educators to help students understand American farmers and how food is grown in America. 

Classroom Ag

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Gardening Life Lessons

Connecting with the earth allowed the students to transport themselves and each other across cultural and language barriers, behavior issues, and stressful home environments. 

Ag Education

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School Gardens: The Why and How

Resources on getting support from your administration for a school garden, how to start a garden, and getting students excited to plant! 

Classroom Ag

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Food & Ag Resource Guide for Educators

The Food & Ag Resource Guide  is a curated list that features top recommended ag literacy resources and lesson plans by age group. The guide is designed to encourage agricultural literacy for young rural and urban students and to teach them about the importance of agriculture.

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Bringing Biotechnology to Life a STEM Resource

Bringing Biotechnology to Life, is a series of free lesson plans for teachers in grades 7-10 that aim to facilitate learning about agricultural biotechnology and its role in food production. The new curriculum was unveiled at the World Food Prize 2015 Borlaug Dialogue international symposium.

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Farm a Month Book Bundle a Great Ag Literacy Gift!

Give the gift of ag literacy! Farm a Month now is available in a bundle with the 12 recommended accurate ag books that accompany the lessons. 

Farm Books

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Pillars in Practice an Ag Literacy Tool

In Minnesota, the 4-H Science of Agriculture Challenge is using the Pillars of Ag Literacy to help steer students in the right direction. We interviewed Joshua Rice, assistant Extension professor, about this project.

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Free Lesson Plans! Peanut Activity Cards Promote Math, Social Science Skills

Free downloadable lesson plans for grades 3-5 address math and social science skills while learning about peanuts and agriculture. 

Classroom Ag

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New Resource Lets Student Meet a Farmer

Where does our food come from? Who grows it?  Farm a Month is 12 hands on lesson plans, 12 letters from real farmers, and 1 whole year of learning about agriculture!

Classroom Ag

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7 Super Easy Ways to Educate About Ag

There are many ways you can educate about agriculture in your area! Here are 7 great ideas.

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Easily Educate about Livestock

New! Learn about livestock banners! 

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Common Misconceptions about Agriculture

Common misconceptions about agriculture can range from chocolate milk comes from a brown cow to farmers waste water. This new tool helps address these misconceptions using science and facts. 

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What does it mean to be agriculturally literate?

The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture sought to answer this question through research and industry collaboration. The result was "Pillars of Agricultural Literacy."

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My American Farm’s New Energy and Agriculture Game

“Power Up” the new My American Farm game helps young learners discover the importance of energy in agriculture.

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