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Let’s Talk Turkey

There’s more to the American Turkey than dark and white meat!

Ag Education

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What’s Wrong With Old MacDonald?

Misconceptions of Agriculture in Children’s Books 

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Ten things that didn’t make you think “farm” until now

You may think about cows or veggies when you hear the word "farm." Let's explore 10 things that you may be surprised to learn started on a farm! 

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Why I Use Food and Farm Facts

JoHanna Symons of Symons Beef Company hosts tours on her farm. She loves to use Food and Farm Facts to connect consumers to information about where their food comes from. 

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Food and Farm Facts Jr

Questions about agriculture are not always easy to answer, luckily we can help! The new Food and Farm Facts Junior edition takes questions many children have and provides a simple way of understanding farming practices! 

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Thanks for Participating in #ReadAgBooks18!

National Read a Book Day was on September 6 and all across the country people read accurate ag books!

Free Print Ag Books

Just download and print! Best for grades 4-5th. 

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BERRY Surprising Facts

Berries are always a yummy, healthy snack, but what exactly is a berry? 

Ag Education

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Fall 2018 White-Reinhardt Mini-Grants Awarded

Nine Fall 2018 White-Reinhardt mini-grants have been awarded!

Cattle Ranch Riddle

Can you solve the riddle?

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Reimagining Career Day

Guest blogger Valerie Bayes explains how STEM careers can come alive during Career Day!

Agriculture and the Environment

Newly updated - Free download lessons! 

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Career Spotlight! Agricultural Entrepreneur

We interviewed Matt Wolters, a founding partner of SureFire Ag Systems to learn what it takes to be an agricultural entrepreneur. 

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Historical Accurate Ag Books

You know accurate ag books cover topics related to agriculture, but did you know that some also explore history too?

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Why Do They Do That? - Antibiotics

Why are animals given antibiotics? Will Fett, Executive Director of the Iowa Agricultural Literacy Foundation breaks it down. 

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Career Spotlight! Culinary Arts Teacher

"I try to impress upon my students that without ranchers and farmers we would not eat or have jobs in foodservice. I thank farmers and ranchers everyday for allowing me to teach about food and cooking!" Chef Erickson

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Farm to Food Truck Challenge

Our newest Purple Plow Challenge - Farm to Food Truck! 

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New Game App Ag Across America

Where does our food come from? Learn about US geography and agriculture with this new app - Ag Across America

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Career Spotlight! Agricultural Communications

Levy Randolph & Tiffany Rogers-Randolph tell us about their careers as videographers and what it takes to get into the field! 

Ag Education

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