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The Gifts of Strangers

What do strangers, cranberries, and beef have in common?  Author of Time for Cranberries & participant in the On the Farm Author Experience, Lisl Detlefsen writes about being inspired to share the story of agriculture with others. 

Ag Education

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7 Romantic Foods & Where They Come From

How do pomegranates grow? What do pigs have to do with truffles? Are oysters really farmed? What makes these foods romantic? 

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6 Breakfast Foods and Where They Began

Where do eggs come from? How are corn flakes made? How do oranges go from grove to glass? How is sap turned into syrup? Article includes lesson plans, videos and more! 

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Monticello’s Gardener talks TJ, Peas, & School Gardens

Teachers! Volunteers! Parents! Read & get inspired about history and agriculture! Article includes links to free elementary school lesson plans, book recommendations, Thomas Jefferson recipes and more! 

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Pillars in Practice an Ag Literacy Tool

In Minnesota, the 4-H Science of Agriculture Challenge is using the Pillars of Ag Literacy to help steer students in the right direction. We interviewed Joshua Rice, assistant Extension professor, about this project.

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A Story of Ag Literacy

Because of you, nearly 2,000 1st through 5th graders in Franklin County, VA, know a lot more about the foods that grow right in their own county.

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‘All About Beef’ STEM App Game Now Available

Free STEM game app helps players understand cattle ranching & different cuts of meat  while reinforcing math and nutrition knowledge and skills. 

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Free Lesson Plans! Peanut Activity Cards Promote Math, Social Science Skills

Free downloadable lesson plans for grades 3-5 address math and social science skills while learning about peanuts and agriculture. 

Classroom Ag

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5 Answers to “How Did That Get in My Lunchbox?”

How does string cheese string? Do bananas grow on trees? Find out where some of your lunchtime favorites originated. 

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Your Donations Make a Difference

This is a report from a White-Reinhardt mini-grant recipient. Mini-grants are given to state and county Farm Bureaus to start or enhance ag literacy programs, like the one below. Donations fund these grants. 

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Farm a Month Resource Lets Students “Meet” a Farmer

Where does our food come from? Who grows it?  Farm a Month is 12 hands on lesson plans, 12 letters from real farmers, and 1 whole year of learning about agriculture!

Classroom Ag

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Donations Equip Teachers with Tools to Educate about Agriculture

Your donations got this teacher and many more to the National Ag in the Classroom conference which has inspired her to educate about agriculture. She will reach over 350 students this year alone! Read more here:

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7 Things that Grow…HOW?

You may think you know how these things grow, but find out the truth in this article!

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Printable board game helps kids learn about where food comes from

Play and Learn! Free family fun! Learn more...

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6 Spectacular Spring Science Experiments

Looking for ways to keep the kids entertained this spring? Check out these fun AND educational experiments that bring science to life.

7 Super Easy Ways to Educate About Ag

There are many ways you can educate about agriculture in your area! Here are 7 great ideas.

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Easily Educate about Livestock

New! Learn about livestock banners! 

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Online Farm Game now an App!

Popular online farm game: My American Farm is now an app! 

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What does it mean to be agriculturally literate?

The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture sought to answer the question: What does it look like to be agriculturally literate?  The result was "Pillars of Agricultural Literacy."

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