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Downloadable activities and lesson plans about agriculture and links to more agricultural education materials. For even more suggestions check out our Ag Lit Catalog.

|   Grades All - All

My American Farm

Check out our newly redesigned My American Farm! This site has games and resources for kids, parents, and educators! Check it out here!

|   Grades 3 - 5

Natural Resources Playing Cards- Quick Start Volunteer Guide

Want to use the Natural Resources Playing Cards at home or maybe in the classroom, but aren't sure where to start? This guide will help! 

|   Grades Pre-K - 2

Animal Housing Matching Cards- Quick Start Volunteer Guide

Want to use the Animal Housing Matching Cards game for your next event or school visit? The Quick Start Volunteer Guide makes it easy! 

|   Grades 3 - 5

Interactive Soybean Ag Mag

This is the free, interactive version of our Soybean Ag Mag!

Best for 3-5th grade students contains information about agriculture, classroom activities, and agricultural career profiles in subject matter area.
Subject matter area examines the versatile soybean with an emphasis on Nutrition, Economics, Geography, Math, and Science while meeting national learning standards.

Educator Guides   |   Grades All - N/A

My American Farm Volunteer Guide

Are you a volunteer? Use this guide to visit a school and share more about what you do for a career along with many other careers available in agriculture! visit this webpage for the power points, video demonstration, readers and augmented reality experience. 

Lesson Plans   |   Grades 6 - 8

Agriculture & The Environment

Newly updated in 2018! The fourth edition of "Agriculture and the Environment" is designed to engage middle school students in discovery and exploration of topics related to agriculture and natural resources. Made up of 6 lessons, each including a teacher's guide, background information and student engagement sheets.

Educator Guides   |   Grades 9 - 12

Extreme Heat: Heat Waves, Drought and Agriculture

The “Extreme Heat: Heat Waves, Drought and Agriculture” educator’s guide brings together a series of activities developed by the education office at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, along with resources developed by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, to provide a comprehensive exploration of how weather and drought impact agriculture.

Educator Guides  Lesson Plans   |   Grades 6 - 8

Dive In! Exploring the Science of Water & Food Production

Welcome to Dive In! Exploring the Science of Water and Food Production, a water education resource for teachers and volunteer educators.  These Problem-Based Learning methods will engage students in the science of water and food production. Questions include:

  • Why do we need water? 
  • Where does water come from?
  • Is all water the same?
  • How can we responsibly use water?
  • How can I be involved with water?

Online Career Module here

Educator Guides  

Feeding Minds Cultivating Growth Educator’s Guide

This lesson plan series has been designed to help students learn about American agriculture from the perspective of one of their peers; but this time their peer is a character in an agriculturally based novel.These resources were developed with the middle-school educator in mind; the three selected books are appropriate for middle-school readers, and the content lends to important discussion about issues relevant to young learners. 

Educator Guides   |   Grades 9 - 12

Teacher’s Guide to The Man Who Fed the World

How do we cultivate a sustainable future for Earth’s growing population? What role does agriculture play in ensuring food security? These are questions students will answer as they study The Man Who Fed the World. The teacher’s guide to the book contains modules and instructional materials designed to help high school students examine the elements of sustainable international development efforts, specifically with respect to the role agriculture plays in spurring economic transformation and growth in developing countries. 

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