What People are Saying

About Bringing Biotech to Life


“ This entire activity worked wonderfully!
Students have heard about GMO’s but were not real sure what they are.
This cleared up a lot of misconceptions. ”
— Christy Reynolds, 10th-11th Grade Science Teacher, Camden, AR
“ Students enjoyed the hands on aspect of building the model and enjoyed being able to eat the model afterwards. It provided a concrete way to visualize DNA.  ”
— Melissa Smith, 9th-10th Grade Science Teacher, Alpena, MI
“  What a wonderful resource to offer teachers to help them with hands-on exciting learning about our wonderful world of agriculture. I loved the presentation component! Our students have the opportunity do so much more beyond paper-pencil-computer learning with this resource and teaching others is the best way to really learn a concept. Thank you for looking beyond sharing information with students and really give them opportunities to learn and share!  ”
— Ginger Reimer, Oklahoma Soybean Education Director
“ My students really enjoyed implementing Agriculture into our lessons  ”
— Amy Dawson, 7th Grade Science Teacher, Marmaduke, AR
“ I really liked these lessons and I will use them in the Spring semester when we cover Bio. I am a pretty organized kind of guy, so, I thoroughly appreciated the logical procession of the lesson topics and how they seemed to build on the previous discussions.  ”
— Michael Lewis, 6th-7th Grade Science Teacher, Union Schools, OK