Final Project

Research and Public Presentation


Students will apply knowledge gained from lessons within this unit and utilize the credibility checklist to evaluate information on a relevant issue.

Length: 1 hour

Students will be able to:

  • Distinguish between fact and opinion.
  • Use a credibility checklist tool to evaluate online media.
  • Analyze information gathered or provided and categorize it as fact or opinion.
  • Form an opinion on biotechnology, genetic engineering and labeling foods from genetically engineered ingredients using the information gathered.
  • Write an essay expressing their opinions using correct form, grammar and spelling.

Next Generation Science Standards Addressed

Disciplinary Core Ideas:

  1. LS3.A Inheritance of Traits
  2. LS3.B Variation of Traits
  3. LS4.B Natural Selection


  • Engaging in Argument From Evidence
  • Obtaining, Evaluating and Communicating Information

Cross-Cutting Concepts:
Cause and Effect: Phenomena may have more than one cause, and some cause and effect relationships in systems can only be described using probability.