First Peas to the Table Contest



We will not be holding an official First Peas to the Table contest this year, however we do encourage your school to hold your own! Here are the guidelines we used for our past contests. Feel free to use them in your own school or district wide contest:


Contest Guidelines:

  • Set a timeframe for your contest (4-6 weeks at least).
  • Divide class into groups, each group can use 20 shelling pea seeds/ English pea seeds.
  • The group that has the most peas in cups at the end of the contest wins!

Resources you can use for your contest:

You can also hold a true first peas contest like Thomas Jefferson and have students compete to be the first ones with peas. 


Other resources suggested:

First Peas to the Table Book

First Peas to the Table Educator Guide

School Garden Ag Mag


Peas Journal Log  (pdf 119.22 KB)
Peas Certificate  (pdf 121.03 KB)