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Welcome to My American Farm Lesson Powerpoint

Use this lesson to teach students about agriculture using My American Farm. This powerpoint is titled "Ag is Everywhere" and offers a good overview on agriculture in America. 

My American Farm Classroom Visit Planner

After you hear back from teachers, use this form to plan your visit to their classroom.

Letters to Send to Elementary Teachers

Send this letter to teachers for grades 3-5 at your local elementary before a school visit. 

Strategies for Implementing “My American Farm”

My American Farm is a free, online program comprised of computer games that teach valuable concepts about American agriculture, while reinforcing core educational concepts such as reading, writing, math, science and social science. Here are some strategies for how you can implement My American Farm in your community.

NAA All In-All Ears Video

All In-All Ears: This video accommodates an Auction Adventures Career Lesson that explores the work of a clerk at an auction. For specific details of the lesson, please check out the Auction Adventures: 6th to 8th Grade Career Lesson Plans.

How Are Drones, Satellites, and Sensors Used to Produce Your Food?

How are drones, satellites, and sensors used to produce your food? Check out how modern agriculture uses technology to monitor and assist with plan growth involved from seed to mature plant. Highlighted Careers: Plant Scientist, Information Technology Programmer, Mechanical Engineer

How Do We Feed More People?

How do we feed more people, with less resources? The population is continuing to grow, and yet we are faced with a limited amount of land and water for the production of food. Let’s see how people working in agriculture are working on this challenge. Highlighted Careers: Farmer, Plant Scientist, Mechanical Engineer

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