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The Story of Agriculture | Lesson

Use artistic strategies to represent the importance and diversity of agriculture 

The Science of Seeds | Lesson

In this activity, you will conduct a science experiment using three varieties of seed

The Faces of Agriculture | Lesson

Use key terms to describe the diversity of the agriculture industry

Surprising Soil | Lesson

Students will learn about soil types and discover how matter moves through the ecosystem

Seed Starter | Lesson

 Create an environment for seeds to grow in a clear plastic glove that can hang in your window

Researching International Ag Production | Lesson

Develop and deliver a brief presentation with visual aid on one of 8 international countries’ agriculture production

Peanuts and Nitrogen | Lesson

Discover how peanut plants are good hosts for bacteria that fix nitrogen into a consumable form

Historical Role Play | Lesson

Demonstrate the evolution of agricultural practices over time, focusing on improvements in technology and changing use of animals in agricultural production

Hands, Horses & High Tech Machines | Lesson

Learn the importance of machinery and equipment in helping farmers to increase their productivity of food and fiber

Energy and Agriculture | Lesson

Make the connection between energy and agriculture and identify sources of energy

Cooking Using Nutritious Commodities | Lesson

In this activity you will make a tasty ham, cheese and apple quesadilla using nutritious commodities

Commodity Investigation | Lesson

Develop and deliver a brief presentation on a selected commodity using supporting resources

My American Farm | App Lesson Plan

Step by step guide to using the My American Farm app in the classroom.

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