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From Seed to Shirt

This My American Farm game was funded by Nichino America.Turn fiber into fashion in this amazing amusement! Harvest a bumper crop of fun as you learn how farmers cultivate cotton to make classic couture. Grow your mind and build your wardrobe in this two-part game.

Educator Led Erosion Demonstration

Use this activity to help explain how ground-cover can prevent erosion and loss of valuable top-soil

Protect the Pollinators Student Guide

What can we do to sustain or improve pollinator well-being? Use this student guide to learn about the Purple Plow Protect the Pollinators challenge!

Purple Plow | Go With the Flow Challenge

When rain falls or snow melts, it does not simply stay in one place or seep into the ground to replenish groundwater; most of it begins to move. When water flows over land, it is called surface runoff, and it is an important part of the water cycle, but have you ever wondered where your runoff is running off to? What’s in your runoff? What is the runoff doing to the environment once it has settled? Around the world, there are more than 400 dead zones in oceans and lakes, where the water contains so little oxygen that aquatic life can no longer survive. In large part, this is due to excess nutrient pollution found in our runoff as a result of home, agricultural, and industrial practices as well as population growth. In this challenge, students will learn about the impact of runoff in rural and urban areas and its effects on the environment as well as plan for solutions to this growing issue of dead zones, hypoxia, and overall water quality.

Purple Plow | Protect the Pollinators Challenge

Through this challenge, students will become more aware of the important role pollinators play in our daily lives and how to help protect the various populations

Purple Plow | Save the Soil Challenge

With the challenge of losing over 3 billion tons of fertile topsoil each year, design a prototype and construct a system that will reduce topsoil erosion

Purple Plow | Growing Green Challenge

In this challenge, students will learn about energy and they will design, build and share a solution that diversifies energy consumption

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The Science of Seeds | Lesson

In this activity, you will conduct a science experiment using three varieties of seed

Seed Starter | Lesson

 Create an environment for seeds to grow in a clear plastic glove that can hang in your window

Make Your Own Rain Gauge | Lesson

 Create your very own rain gauge to measure rainfall over a period of time

Hands, Horses & High Tech Machines | Lesson

Learn the importance of machinery and equipment in helping farmers to increase their productivity of food and fiber

Energy and Agriculture | Lesson

Make the connection between energy and agriculture and identify sources of energy

Cooking Using Nutritious Commodities | Lesson

In this activity you will make a tasty ham, cheese and apple quesadilla using nutritious commodities

My American Farm | App Lesson Plan

Step by step guide to using the My American Farm app in the classroom.

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