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From Seed to Shirt

This My American Farm game was funded by Nichino America.Turn fiber into fashion in this amazing amusement! Harvest a bumper crop of fun as you learn how farmers cultivate cotton to make classic couture. Grow your mind and build your wardrobe in this two-part game.

Check The Barn Card Game

Check the Barn is a card game for kids aged 4 and up! The card pack is comprised of 68 playing cards with 17 sets of four cards. The object of the game is to win the most pairs of cards. A pair of cards is two of any kind, such as two pigs, two carrots, and so on.

Agriculture Fast Match

Agriculture Fast Match is a card game consisting of 57 cards, each decorated with 8 agriculture images. There are 57 different agriculture images in total. One—and only one—matching image exists between any two cards. Get ready to Fast Match! This card game is fun for the whole family.

2019 Food And Farm Facts Trivia Cards

With more than 250 questions and 46 front and back playing cards, the new Food and Farm Facts trivia card set brings a popular game element to important national agricultural statistics. In a classroom or living room, these cards will test your knowledge about production, sustainability and nutrition! Cards are aligned to the 2019 “Food and Farm Facts”.  Best for middle school and high school learners.

Animal Housing Matching Cards - Quick Start Volunteer Guide

Interactive game using the Animal Matching Cards. Learners will understand that farmers care for their animals by learning about the housing conditions of different animals in agriculture.

Natural Resources Playing Cards

Agriculture uses natural resources to feed and clothe people around the world! This set of cards includes 2 Activities:


Who Am I? Players ask yes/no questions to identify what word is shown on the card.
Who Is Like Me? Players try to fit their resource cards into one of the 7 natural resource categories.


Includes 25 playing cards and 4 instruction cards. Best for grades 3-5. 

Natural Resources Playing Cards - Quick Start Volunteer Guide

A game to play using the Natural Resource playing cards. Learners will understand the importance of natural resources in agriculture production. 

Animal Housing Matching Card Game

In this card game, learners will learn that farmers care for their animals by learning about the housing conditions of different animals in agriculture. Students are challenged to match the animal to where it lives. Includes 20 playing cards. Best for PreK through 2nd-grade learners. 

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