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School Garden Ag Mag

This magazine style reader features non-fiction text that helps introduce 3-5th grade students to the fundamentals of a school garden. Sections include: Know before you Sow, Garden Types, Regional Gardening, Super Soil, Gardening with a Theme, Pollinators, Seed life cycle, and Global Gardens.

Researching International Ag Production | Lesson

Develop and deliver a brief presentation with visual aid on one of 8 international countries’ agriculture production

My American Farm | Tips for Healthy Families

Ideas for family fun and living a healthy lifestyle as a family.

Beef Heritage | Printable e-Comic

Join Benjamin P. Farmington in another fun comic book adventure

Distribution Relay | Lesson

By the end of this activity, the students will be able to recall the distribution process for general agricultural commodities

Car Trip Bingo | Learning Activity

This is an activity that is fun to do at home with your family. To get ready, have an adult help you find a map of the area you will be traveling. This may be a local city map, a state map, or even a country map if you are going on a long drive. Ask your family if it is ok for you to draw on this map. You’ll want to put a star near every interesting point.

A Day in the Life | Learning Activity

Investigate the illustration below, and read the short biography about the ranching family. Stewardship practices are ways that someone takes care of the land, resources and environment. Without looking back at the story, try to recall as many stewardship practices as possible. 

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