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Using Myplate

This colorful book introduces students to "Choose My Plate", nutrition vocabulary, and the five different food groups. with examples and real-life photos. Contains simple, repetitive text and examples with clear, informative pictures

The Guardian Team Educator’s Guide

This Educator Guide follows along with The Guardian Team: On The Job With Rena and Roo book as it introduces students to new "life on a ranch" vocabulary. 


Includes 5 National Learning Standards aligned activities that focus on language arts. Activities include sequencing, vocabulary, completing a graphic organizer and story map as well as a summarizing exercise.

The Guardian Team

Author Cat Urbigkit brings to life the roles played by guardian animals on a farm or ranch. Simple, informative text and eye-catching photographs depict how Rena and Roo develop into guardian animals and the relationships they create.

The Apple Orchard Riddle Educator’s Bundle With Book

Includes one copy of the Apple Orchard Riddle, one copy of the educator guide and one classroom set of 30 of the English version of the Apple Ag Mag.

Sleep Tight Farm Educator’s Guide

Accompanies the 2017 Book of the Year, Sleep Tight Farm.

This educator guide for K – 2 offers teachers and volunteer educators 6 lessons exploring where food comes from, winter on the farm, how farmers care for the land and animals, safe food preparation and more!

These lesson plans are great for teachers and volunteers who want to engage students with hands-on activities. Lessons support academic learning standards. 

Sleep Tight Farm Book

Winner of the 2017 Book of the Year Award!

Sleep Tight Farm introduces young readers to real life on a small farm while taking you on one family's journey as they prepare their farm for winter. You will love the beautiful illustrations as you uncover the countless ways that farmers care for animals and the land. 

Maple Syrup From The Sugarhouse

Maple syrup season is here! Kelsey and her father begin harvesting sap from sugar maple trees. Family and friends join them to help in the process of turning the sap into maple syrup.

First Peas to the Table Educator’s Guide

This Educator’s guide for grades 2-4 is the perfect companion to "First Peas to the Table."  The educator guide includes:

Six lessons aligned to common core standards addressing science, history, math, and language arts.
Information on how to run a First Peas to the Table Contest
Information on modern pea farming to share and contrast with historical information       

First Peas to the Table

Winner of the 2016 Ag Foundation Book of the Year award!
This book is a wonderful way to introduce students to school gardens, the scientific method, and a bit of history of agriculture in the United States. 
This story follows Thomas Jefferson's Monticello garden and race to harvest their peas first and mirrors it in a school setting. 

John Deere That’s Who! Educator Guide

This ed guide accompanies the book “John Deere That’s Who!” and contains 6 activities. Grades K-2. All lessons are aligned to National Learning Standards, Common Core and the Pillars of Agricultural Literacy.

John Deere Bundle with Book

This bundle comes with 1 copy of John Deere, That’s Who!, 1 copy of the Educator guide and 1 set of 30 Ag Innovations Ag Mags.

John Deere, That’s Who! Is the winner of the 2018 Book of the  Year Award. This hard cover book explores the life of John Deere and his invention of the steel plow. The charming book is perfect for 5-8 year old readers to enjoy and learn about one of agriculture’s biggest names.

Educator Guide:
This ed guide accompanies the book “John Deere That’s Who!” and contains 6 activities. Grades K-2. All lessons are aligned to National Learning Standards, Common Core and the Pillars of Agricultural Literacy.

Ag Innovations Ag Mag:
This nonfiction text reader is best for grades 3-5. Each set comes in a classroom pack of 30 ag mags. Discover exciting improvements throughout American agricultural history and innovations leading change today in this newsprint style reader.

Right This Very Minute! Bundle

Enjoy 1 copy of the Right This Very Minute! book, Educator's Guide, and classroom set of Snacks Ag Mag. 

Goodnight Tractor

This soft cover book filled with colorful illustrations contains an adorable rhyming bedtime story that follows a little boy’s imagination as he says goodnight to his favorite things around the farm.

Chuck’s Ice Cream Wish (Tales Of The Dairy Godmother)

Chuck‘s favorite food is ice cream. People say, "be careful what you wish for," but what harm could wishing for endless ice cream be? With the help of his Dairy Godmother, Chuck is taken—poof!—on a memorable and delicious adventure to a dairy farm. He finds out exactly where ice cream comes from and gains an even deeper love and appreciation for his favorite food.

NAA All In-All Ears Video

All In-All Ears: This video accommodates an Auction Adventures Career Lesson that explores the work of a clerk at an auction. For specific details of the lesson, please check out the Auction Adventures: 6th to 8th Grade Career Lesson Plans.

How Do We Feed More People?

How do we feed more people, with less resources? The population is continuing to grow, and yet we are faced with a limited amount of land and water for the production of food. Let’s see how people working in agriculture are working on this challenge. Highlighted Careers: Farmer, Plant Scientist, Mechanical Engineer

I Met A Rancher Today Sticker

Each sticker is on perforated paper. Giveaways at conferences, career shows, classrooms, farm fests and fairs. Kids love them!

Pizza Spanish Ag Mag

Spanish text version. Fun nonfiction text magazine for kids 3-5th grade educates about math, science, social science and reading/language arts using the agricultural origins of pizza as a theme. Includes farmer interviews, fun activities, and more!

Career Ag Mag

Nonfiction text magazine style reader for grades 3-5 explores agricultural careers. Look into the 9 Agricultural Career Pathways to discover careers you may be interested in!

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